Thankful Thoughts for Kids and Teens

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Thankful Thoughts for Kids and Teens

Thankful Thoughts for Kids and Teens
Raising thankful kids takes effort. Concentrated effort. Daily effort. And we can't teach it if we can't do it ourselves. {Hint! Hint!} We recently shared over 100 Ways to Raise Thankful Kids and Teens and we also have a brand new resource that provides a laser-focus on this skill. Thankfulness should be intentionally addressed with kids and teens throughout the year, not just around Thanksgiving (and this resource provides the means to do it all year...including general thankfulness pages, as well as a few specific to Thanksgiving).

This resource is jam-packed and full of value, because it works for ALL ages...from little kids to big kids to teens and beyond! It's so versatile, you'll use it with groups, classrooms and whole families, too! Perfect for home, clinic and school use...and we envision it being used in all of those places across our lovely planet! (We jump for joy knowing our products are used in Africa, Egypt, Ireland, Australia 

This product can be printed in color (there are a few pages in full color) or print it all in black and white or grayscale to save on ink! Do as you wish! Combine pages, only pick a few pages or create a whole workbook! Personalize it by printing out several of each page, if you want to expand on things for which kids/teens are thankful, for example. Each version has space to write or draw (for more creative types or for children too young to write). 

Some of the pages relate to Thanksgiving, but we've made most pages generic so that the resource can be used year round, as well as with children/teens who do not celebrate Thanksgiving. We tried to think of everything. If we missed anything, let us know!
We even added a few BONUS pages:

We know you'll use this again and again! We can't wait to see how you'll use it!

We know you'll get lots of mileage out of this product.

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