Pumpkin Feelings

Pumpkin Feelings

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Freshly Picked from the Pumpkin Patch

for Social-Emotional Development Education

Fall is my favorite season.  It has been ever since I was a kid.  It’s no wonder I love creating fun feelings resources for the fall.  Pumpkins lend themselves so readily to social-emotional development.  Our Pumpkin Feelings unit includes center time and group activities that build real-life skills.  Help kids identify feelings while having fun at the same time.  

For School, Home, Daycare, Scouting and MORE!

Parents, teachers, therapists and adult leaders of all kinds enjoy our products world wide.  If you’re an early childhood teacher or therapist, you are likely already doing pumpkin-themed activities in your classroom or office.  This resource will help you capture the seasonal fun, while teaching about crucial social-emotional skills.  This resource will help you teach about feelings in a meaningful and intentional way.  Not only that, you’ll be able to use the activities during center time, in groups, individually, to decorate your classroom (with a creative bulletin board activity in which every child contributes) and even sneak in some lessons on cooperation and math (translates well into group work for therapists and a whole family activity for home).  How’s that for a resource that teaches about feelings across the curriculum AND across settings?  We aim to make our products user-friendly for a wide variety of settings, in hopes of reaching as many kids as

Sneak Peek


What You Get:


26 total pages of Pumpkin Feelings Activities


A Dozen Different Sets of Pumpkin Feelings Faces:


7 sets of silly, traditional jack-o-lantern faces


5 sets of pumpkins with basic feelings for easy recognition: mad, sad, scared, worried, happy


5 sets of blank pumpkin faces so you can create your own versions, if desired


Illustrated directions for “Pumpkin Feelings File Folder Fun”


Printable “My Pumpkin Feelings” mini-book (8 pages, in greyscale)


Printables and a Poster for a “Pumpkin Feelings Bulletin Board”


Freestyle Pumpkin Faces Coloring Sheet (Children add their own feelings to pumpkins)


Cooperative Pumpkin Faces Hunt (linking affective development, cooperation and math!)



This resource is the perfect
way to add seasonal fun
to your classroom, childcare 
or counseling office.

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