Playful Ways to Help Kids Cope with Divorce:Combo Set

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Help Kids Cope with Divorce

A divorce represents a huge departure from life as a child knows it.  Along with it can come stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and a host of other feelings related to these changes. Parents often wonder about the best way to support their children through this major life event. School counselors, social workers and therapists look for quality interventions that are FUN, relevant and timely.  

That's why we created "King or Queen for a Day: Playful Ways to Help Kids Cope with Divorce". Giving kids a vehicle to express themselves, to verbalize their internal states, wishes and needs can go a long way towards helping them cope. When you do it in a way that is based on BOTH early childhood and mental health best practices, you have a winning combination. While it is true that we cannot protect kids from life's challenges and difficult moments, we can arm them with the skills and tools it takes to weather any storm and emerge with their sense of self intact.

Powerful Interventions that Transform Lives

We are pleased to bring you this powerful intervention tool that is perfect for use at home, school, therapy and counseling offices, and MORE. This package is the culmination of 30 years of clinical experience. Kidlutions has helped thousands of kids across the globe cope with divorce See everything we cover below.

45 pages of best-practices content you'll turn to again and again. This product is an instant download, as are all Kidlutions' products.  
For use in:
Therapy Offices
The Rising Cost of Therapy
If you brought your child to my office, it would take a minimum of five visits to get the content delivered in this package.  The intake alone would cost $250.00, then up to $150.00 per follow-up visit.  That's a whopping total of $850.00.  That cost can be prohibitive, even with insurance co-pays.
Helping Your Child On Your Own 
You cannot put a price on your child's welfare, I know. When your child is in emotional distress, you want to help him feel better.  You know you can't take away the pain, but you do want to do something to lessen it, or at least to make it go away quicker than if he were left to his own devices. It's just what parents are naturally programmed to do.  But with insurance premiums skyrocketing and divorce costs already mounting, you may try to help your child as best you can on your own. Anything you do to alleviate your child's emotional turmoil is admirable. We're happy to be part of an affordable solution, for those in need.
Help at Your Fingertips
With this package, help is at your fingertips.  Literally.
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