The Compliment Games

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Giving Compliments
Giving a compliment is an important social skill and is something that doesn't come naturally to most kids.  It's also something we don't often think about intentionally teaching to kids.  
Instructing kids to how to give a genuine compliment is one part of helping them build a skill-set that will serve them in social situations.  This is important for ALL kids, but is even more urgent with some special needs populations.   Feeling stumped about how to go about it?  Want a fun way to teach this skill? Look no further than "The Compliment Games", a resource that is part of our Social Emotional Skill Builder Series.
Target Age Range: This resource has been developed for children old enough to read and write. You can adapt this for use in the younger years. Rather than providing students with the workbook pages, use the prompts on the pages for discussions during circle time!
What's Inside 
This resource features:
20 pages of support to help you easily teach this important social skill
A brief description of why giving compliments is crucial
An Easy 4-Step Process to Teaching this Skill (We break it down
A Quick and Easy Game to Teach Compliments (Play Anywhere...really!)
An 8-page Workbook to Copy and Give to Group Members or Students
A 21-Day Compliment Challenge, with instructions
A "Champion Compliment Giver" Certificate
All the Work is Done for You! 
Whether you are a teacher, counselor or youth leader, you'll use this resource again and again.  We think you're going to love it!

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