Teen Girls' Guide to Life with BONUS Manual

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A place for teens to think things through, write things out...doodle, dream and more! For individual or therapeutic use!  Yes, this is licensed to use with multiple clients, with groups, at camps, scouting events, etc.


Here's What You Get:

63 pages of full-color

Prompts for thinking and reflecting

10 blank pages for a girls' own ideas

Resources page with nation-wide crisis numbers


You will also receive:


Our BONUS MANUAL for Therapy Groups,

Camp Use, Classrooms, Scouting and MORE!


"Teen Girls' Guide: BONUS MANUAL", detailing several ways to use this resource with groups and in therapy. It can be used multiple ways and we'll share some grand ideas about how to S~T~R~E~T~C~H this workbook.  You'll get tons of bang for your buck in the group and therapeutic setting. It's a great ice-breaker for reticent talkers, and a super way to help established teen clients "dig deeper".  One of the ways mentioned in the bonus document will help you reach even the toughest clients and teens!

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