Santa Claus Has Feelings, Too!

Santa Claus Has Feelings, Too!

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I recently had a "heart to heart" conversation with Santa, and it turns out that even he isn't jolly all the time. Nope. He has every feeling we do. Don't get me wrong, he does do his best to focus on thinking positive, managing big feelings and dealing with disappointment. Still, just like the rest of us, he has days when he feels sad, mad, worried and all.
If Santa could, he would make sure every child understood, "All Feelings Are Okay!" Right on, Santa.

To celebrate the season, and to celebrate feelings, we've pulled together a workbook that allows kids to give Santa several different feelings, tell why he feels that way and discuss what a person can do when they experience said feelings.  More than that, it has a 3-page BONUS handout that helps parents and caregivers support all kids in managing BIG feelings. 
An Overview of What You Get:
21 pages of activities to help deal with social skills
3 pages comprise the BONUS and help adults support and scaffold social emotional skills
It's fun that teaches. You'll use this year after year if you are a parent, teacher, therapist, counselor or coach. The BONUS guide provides tips you'll use throughout the year. 

Included with the workbook is a 3 page guide to help even the most
intense children learn to manage BIG feelings.

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