My Moving Story: A Child's Workbook About Relocation

My Moving Story: A Child's Workbook About Relocation

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Moving can be a very difficult transition for children.  While some children will "roll with the changes" without missing a beat, there are other children who may be devastated.  These issues are all compounded for children who may be experiencing other issues in their lives such as a recent divorce or a  death in the family.  Kidlutions recognizes the impact it has on children's life and the lasting impression it can make.
Our workbook is specifically designed to help you help your child cope with the numerous changes that a relocation brings.
A note from Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD,
founder of Kidlutions:

Having attended 9 schools by 9th grade, this topic resonates personally with me.  I have a firm grasp on the realties of moving in the lives of children,  from my direct experience, from helping countless children prepare to move, and from helping my own three children deal with relocation.  We have the solutions you are looking for in helping your child deal with this life changing event.
Included in the workbook:
~ 50 pages of information and drawing, doodling, story prompts to help your child cope with relocation.

~ A Parent Guide to help you help your child get the most out of the workbook

~ An EXCLUSIVE BONUS section providing parents with all of the information they need to assemble a "Kidlutions Kid Care Kit for Moving"! 

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