Ice Cream Cones and Frozen Pops

Ice Cream Cones and Frozen Pops

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"Ice Cream and Frozen Pops: 
The Coolest Ways to Help Kids 'Chill'  Their Anger!  

Close to 60 pages of therapeutic-grade activities to use with children up to about age 10. These therapeutic interventions can be used at home, school, childcare settings and counsleing offices.  It's our premiere and exclusive resource that really helps kid better manage anger. With printables, posters, activities, anger techniques and tips, you'll be weel on your way to helping your youngsters keep as "chill" as possible. I developed and started using these techniques at home with my own kids and have used them in my office with thousands of kids. These interventions have also been used in preschools/early childhood classrooms and counseling offices across the world!


What you'll get:

57 pages of therapeutic-grade interventions

Anger strategies that include: Thinking, Movement, Imagining, Self-Talk and Coping

Chill Out Ice-Cream Activity

 Frozen Pops Activity  

10 Ways to Extend the Above 2 Strategies  

Anger Cool Down Activity  

3 Ways to Extend the Learning for the Above Strategy  

"How to Deal with Anger" Printable Poster

"Cool Kid" Certificate Printable



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