How Long Does the Sad Last?

How Long Does the Sad Last?

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How Long Does the Sad Last:

A Workbook for Grieving Children

We've helped thousands of grieving children. We are one of the most trusted names in helping kids and teens cope with grief:

We'll show you how to:

* Explain death to children.
* Understand the grief experience for each developmental phase from birth to    
  age 13.
* Learn how a child's grief differs from that of an adult.
* Provide a safe environment to process grief.
* Realize why it's important for children to see you grieve, too.
* Help your child process her grief in a non-threatening manner.
* Identify when you need to seek more help.

Included in the workbook:

~ More than 50 pages of information and drawing, doodling, story prompts to help your child cope with grief.
~ A Parent Guide to help you help your child get the most out of the workbook
~ An EXCLUSIVE BONUS section providing parents with all of the information they need to assemble a "Kidlutions Kid Care Kit for Grief"! 

Children's Grief: An Open Letter to Adults

To Whom It May Concern:

Grief is always difficult. When you are a child, it becomes even more so. At times, the grief of children is overlooked because they may appear to be "moving on" or "doing fine". Unfortunately, children do grieve, although not always in ways that adults do. Children have been referred to as "silent mourners", in that their grief can go undetected. Unbeknownst to many adults, children often grieve alone. No

No longer does this have to be the case. At Kidlutions, we know that children's grief can be managed and woven into the fabric of their lives. We can help. Because it's important that kids get on with the business of being a kid, while honoring the loss they have experienced, "How Long Does the Sad Last: A workbook for Children", is something special:

~Designed by an award-winning child and adolescent therapist who is a past hospice social worker and administrator, and successful grant recipient for school-based grief programming.

~Well thought out and research-based questions to get to the heart of the matter with grieving children.

~A safe and nurturing way to open up difficult discussions with children.

~Suitable for children ages 4-12 (and even older).

~Costs less than the price of an insurance co-pay, or a couple of specialty coffees.

~Provides questions that can be used over and over again, across time, as children grow.

~Provides starting points for deeper discussions and thoughtful reflection

We hope you will give a grieving child the opportunity to move through their grief in a meaningful and healthy manner.




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