Helping Kids Deal with Sad Feelings

Helping Kids Deal with Sad Feelings

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Help Kids with Sadness

Sadness happens.  It's one thing we can be sure of in life.  Overcoming and dealing with sadness is possible. Our "hot off the press" resource, "Helping Kids Cope with Sad Feelings", offers skills kids can start using immediately, in an easy-to-understand format.

Enhanced Skills Equal Better Behavior 

Helping kids build new skills translates into better self-control, which in turn creates better behavior.  Best of all, these strategies can be used across the lifespan.  When skills are used at an early age, and continue to be used as your child grows, they become more refined and committed to memory.  Don't let any child get stuck in a negative pattern of responding to difficult times.  Give them skills that will last a lifetime.  Kidlutions can help!  We've been helping kids deal with BIG feelings for more than two decades.

What You Get

Therapeutic Grade Interventions to Help Kids Deal with Sadness
For Use at Home, School, Therapy, Counseling and MORE!
~ Tips for Adults to Help Kids Deal with Sadness
~ 3 Things Adults Should NOT Do When a Child is Sad
~ 5 Ways to Help a Sad Child
~14 Page Printable Workbook for Kids (customize this book by copying only the pages that apply to the particular children with whom you are working.
~Pages that Normalize Sadness
~Pages that Offer Strategies to Deal with Sadness, including movement and calming strategies
~Encouragement for Children to Identify Strategies to Manage Their Own Sadness
~Pages to doodle, draw and write about sad feelings.  Prompts included.
~Hope that Sadness will be alleviated eventually

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