Get Motivated for Teens

Get Motivated for Teens

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Motivating Teens

The thing about motivating teens is that it's not an "outside" job.  The simple truth is YOU cannot motivate them.  

They need to learn to motivate themselves. But how?

We've spent some time thinking about just this question and "Get Motivated for Teens" is our answer!


What You Get

Our Complete System for motivating teens (or rather, helping teens become self-motivated) includes our Get Motivated Guide AND our Get Motivated Workbook (which helps teens work through it all, step-by-step). 


Valued at $89.00


With our guide and workbook, you'll explore:



Here's a sneak peek:



PLUS, You'll Get...

Being motivated requires certain aspects of mental toughness.  Therefore, you'll also get 6 downloadable, professionally rendered MP3s covering a variety of topics related to motivation and success:

The MP3s are recorded by a voice-over artist.

Valued at $37.00

You'll also get a transcript of each MP3,
for those who prefer the written format.


PLUS, You'll Get...

Finally, you'll get 5 affirmations to build positive thinking. Each affirmation comes on its own sheet, complete with questions to consider.


Valued at $10.00

17.5 MB file/delivered as a zip file



How It Can Help


This system can help teens:

~ Pinpoint what motivates them

~ Make better decisions and put them into action

~ Learn a neurocognitive strategy that can change EVERYTHING

~ Learn how to overcome negativity

~ Learn how to transform themselves

~ Learn 19 motivational strategies

~ Learn how to use motivational quotes for inspiration

and MORE!


A Recap of What You'll Get


This resource can help with homework or just about anything that requires motivation!


These clinical strength interventions can be used at home, in the classroom or in the counseling office.


When it comes to teens (and anyone, really)...nagging never least not for the long term.  Real results come from within! 

Get Motivated for Teens can help!


Get the full 
"Get Motivated for Teens" Kit
JUST $89.00


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