Five Things: A Guided Journal for Exploring Likes and Dislikes

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A Guided Journal
If you are looking for a tool to help kids, teens and adults explore what is important to them, improve self-concept and understanding of important others around them (think couples therapy or family therapy), look no further! A colorful, guided-journal supports kids, teens and adults in homes, classrooms and counseling offices.  
The inside is full-color, but the resource may also be printed in grayscale, without losing resolution or print quality. 
Don't limit its use to just kids. We use with teens, adults, kids and families!
Help individuals identify what is important to them and help increase
understanding of others by sharing completed pages. 
Use with Kids, Teens & Adults: Make it a Family Affair
This journal helps kids ages 8+ explore their likes and dislikes, which is an important facet of solidifying a sense of individuality, uniqueness and self-concept. Created with bold colors and text only, this resource lends itself to teens and adults, as well. Your entire family will have fun enjoying this resource. If used in a therapy practice, or for a teacher of multi-aged students, this resource offers lots of flexibility. May be used in family therapy or marital therapy, too, for purposes of finding where there are areas of commonality, and where there are differences. Use it as a conduit for discussion about a number of things!
Use it as a workbook, or just pick select pages to use, as needed! 
The inside is in full-color but can be printed in grayscale to save ink, without compromising the resolution. For use multiple times, simply print and cover in a sleeve protector and use erasable markers!
We think you'll love the flexibility this resource offers for use with a wide age well as its ability to be used as a workbook or as stand-alone pages in homes, classrooms, individual, group, couples and family therapy.

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