Calm Down Kids at the Beach with BONUS MP3

Calm Down Kids at the Beach with BONUS MP3

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Skills Change Lives

Do you know a kid with over-the-top feelings and behaviors? Teaching kids to calm down goes a long way towards helping them learn to manage it all.  Summer is coming and that makes it a great time to help kids gain these skills that will help them in just about every life situation imaginable.

Limbic or Logic

The limbic system is the seat of our emotional brain and it doesn't function on logic.   When the limbic system is in full gear, you'll see the out-of-control, over-the-top behaviors that can be so challenging to deal with. We need our neocortexes to help mediate it all.  The only problem is, when emotions are like runaway freight trains, the neocortex has a hard time reining it all in because it goes "offline" when our fight, flight or freeze response kicks in.  So, how do we help the limbic system calm down so the neocortex can do its job?

Strategies Enhance Coping

Learning new strategies and coping tools (like relaxation and mindfulness) is one of the most useful ways to help kids restore their equilibrium, so they can get back to the business of happy, healthy living!  We all want that...for our kids and for ourselves.  If you're a parent and you struggle with regulating your own emotions, you just might find that the techniques offered in Calm Down Kids and the Beach work like a charm for you, as well!



PLUS you get this 1 hour MP3 BONUS:

So many of you have emailed to let me know how you're using it:

~ Summer programs in the schools
~ In counseling offices
~ In daycare centers
~ In School-Based Health Centers

Here's what you'll get:

~ 25 pages of therapeutic-strength support and guidance to help kids relax, calm down and reduce stress. Kids with less stress can sleep better, learn better and behave better. WIN, WIN, WIN!

~ 6 stress-busing activities that are appropriate for kids ages 3-12

~ A breakdown of how to use this resource with younger kids and older kids. We also supply you with two sets of printables, where necessary (one for older kids/one for younger kids).
~ BONUS MP3: 1 hour of "Sand and Surf" sounds for relaxation.

~ All delivered to you via instant download.  
You'll use this again and again. It's appropriate year round! 

Here's a quick recap:

We think you're going to LOVE it!

JUST $25.00
Licensed for use by one family, clinician or user.
You may make as many copies as you care to
for use with your family or clients.
(Working on these activities in a therapy office 
could end up costing over $1,000.00)

(This is an instant download product.
No physical product will be shipped.
Immediately after purchase, 

you will receive a link to download
the workbook. The MP3 will be sent directly
to your email within 24-48 hours of purchase.
If you have not received it within 48 hours, please check
your spam/trash folder. If you cannot locate it, don't
hesitate to contact us!)

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