A Teen Guy's Guide to Grief: After the Loss of His Mother

A Teen Guy's Guide to Grief: After the Loss of His Mother

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At Kidlutions, we’ve been helping grieving children for more than two decades.  Fashion styles, music, slang words, culture and technology have changed a lot over that time, but one thing hasn’t changed: the needs of grieving teens as a distinct group of individuals, who need specialized care and interventions to assist them through the grief journey.  

In our 25+ years of service to grieving teens, we’ve listened, observed and learned. We’ve taken into consideration the developmental needs of this population and have perfected our approach over time.  Our teen resources for grief are the culmination of it all.   

Grief is one of our specialties and we have contributed to books, magazines and online venues about grieving children and teens for decades.  We have provided trainings about grief and loss and youth to schools, hospice programs and more. The founder of Kidlutions and creator of these workbooks, Wendy Young, secured a grant in the past that provided resources and services to grieving children and teens in 18 school districts in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Her ideas on grief were featured in Healing Magazine and Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul. Her workbook for grieving children, "How Long Does the Sad Last?" has helped thousands of children around the world.
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