A Fish Story: Helping Kids Tell the Truth

A Fish Story: Helping Kids Tell the Truth

  • 1999
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A Fish Story: Helping Kids Tell the Truth - Instant Download
Helping kids tell the truth and teaching them lessons about strong character and values is a concern of every parent and educator.
This resource is one of the most innovative approaches you will find anywhere to help kids do just that.  Written in language that young children will understand, this resource includes a story that allows children to create their own ending.'ll find printables with six fun and memorable activities to extend the learning, promote critical thinking and problem-solving and help solidify positive and prosocial values in a young child's life.  PLUS...posters to put on your fridge at home, or bulletin board at school!

We think you'll pleased as punch with this resource, which is suitable for home, classroom or therapy use.  It can be used individually or in large groups.  You're going to love it and use it year after year.

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